Join In: Tooronga Family Medical's Winter Health & Fitness Challenge

TFM Health & Fitness Challenge

Our team’s Summer Health & Fitness Challenge last year was a huge hit, so we’re kicking off winter with our first ever Winter Health & Fitness Challenge.

It’s an initiative to keep active in the cooler months and to maintain a healthy diet when the freezing cold weather makes us want to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and eat an excessive amount of addictive processed carbohydrates.

We’re doing it and hope that you’ll join our team over the next 4 weeks. Each week is worth 1000 points and the points are distributed like this:

Health Eating

  • Each day that is alcohol-free [5 points]

  • Each day with 5 serves of vegetables [15 points]

  • Each day consuming min 8 glasses (2L) of water [15 points]

  • Each day with the appropriate minimum protein requirement (0.8g/kg = 0.8 x [your weight in kg] = ____ g of protein [5 points]

  • Each day with 2 serves of calcium per day [5 points]

  • 10 bonus points available each week if you do at least one caffeine-free day.


  • Exercise 30 minutes or more per session (max 2 sessions per day): <3 times per week [0 points] / 3 times per week [50 points] / 4 times per week [85 points] / 5 times per week [125 points] / 6+ times per week [150 points]

  • Each day doing 10,000 steps [25 points]

  • Each week - minimum of 1x yoga / pilates / stretch session [25 points]

  • Each week with 3 or more different activities per week [100 points]

  • Work out with a member of TFM each week [50 points].

If you want to join in on the fun, download your TFM Health & Fitness Manual and tag us in your social posts #TFMchallenge